Lyubov K. Grushetskaya

How, when, and why have you joined the Programming Department?: 

My brother worked at the Computing Center, and he brought me to work for Igor Pottosin in 1974.

What was your first impression of Andrei Ershov and other colleagues?: 

We had great respect for Andrei Petrovich. Soon after the start, I quit and worked for 4 months at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry. Once I was visiting the PD, and ran across Ershov who asked me "Don’t you miss the Institute, Lyubochka?" I answer that I do indeed, and he said "So why don’t you come back then?" So I in 1975 I returned and was assigned to Ershov’s laboratory.

What can you tell about your work at the PD? In what projects you participated? What research fields did you work on? Who was your first direct supervisor?: 

I was a typist; we typed scientific papers on typewriters. The texts were being typed in Russian, and Latin text fragments were being inserted on another typewriter with roman type. Andrei Baehrs had a typewriter that saved the typed text to the punched tape. To correct misprints, we glued up some holes and made some new ones.

Can you name the PD visitors who you remember the most?: 

Masahiro Miyakawa, who stayed in Akademgorodok for a long time; Volker from Germany – you can see him at our picnic photos. We went on picnic to the woods, made fire-roasted sausage, and Andrei Petrovich played guitar and sang to us.

Can you remember the most joyous day at the Department?: 

It is hard to think of any particular event, but all our celebrations went off very cheerfully.

…And the saddest one?: 

I would rather not remember.

What is your current occupation?: 

The same, but we do not use typewriters anymore.

With whom of your colleagues at PD are you still connected professionally, or simply on friendly terms?: 

I am friends with Ludmila Zmievskaya, and on good terms with all my colleagues.

What did you dream of? Did any of the dreams come true?: 

We dreamed of a flat. Andrei Petrovich came to a meeting of the local (trade-union) committee and said that I needed a room to live in (there was thee of us), and I got a room promptly. The flat appeared later, when we moved together with my mother and my husband. By the time our daughter Alyona was born, we have been already living in a 4-room flat.

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