Svetlana I. Zhukovskaya

How, when, and why have you joined the Programming Department?: 

It was Galina Narinyani who brought me to the PD. I remember the exact date: September 13, 1976.

What was your first impression of Andrei Ershov and other colleagues?: 

I was to work at Andrei Baehrs’ group, and he introduced me to Ershov. I was very scared. Ershov talked with me, and told me that I am accepted.

What can you tell about your work at the PD? In what projects you participated? What research fields did you work on? Who was your first direct supervisor?: 

My first boss was Andrei Baehrs. My work assignment was to input text on MRAMOR - a workstation with its own text processor designed by Baehrs’ group.

Can you name the PD visitors who you remember the most?: 

I remember Al Davis from the USA, and Masachiro Miyakawa from Japan. During their visits to the OP, they frequented our coffee club.

Can you remember the most joyous day at the Department?: 

There were many cheerful days. In coffee club, we had fun every time Yash Kurliandchik was present. We had a tradition of having two coffee-breaks daily, at 10 in the morning and at 3 in the afternoon. We made real coffee on a hot plate in two big cezves. There was a person on duty who prepared coffee, and others brought buns or cookies. Alexander Rar was our permanent president of the club. The coffee club was very popular, and the room often could not accommodate all comers.

Visitors to the Department were always invited to the coffee club and introduce to us by Andrei Petrovich.

…And the saddest one?: 

Sad were the days of Andrei Ershov’s illness. My husband Sergei Chernonozhkin accompanied Ershov on his flight to the Moscow hospital.

What is your current occupation?: 

I work in the project "Photo Annals of SB RAS". I input data and write descriptions to the photographs.

With whom of your colleagues at PD are you still connected professionally, or simply on friendly terms?: 

With everybody with whom I worked from the start. Many are gone though…

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